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Landscape and development

Landscapes represent a meeting point between humans and the physical environment, a framework for all human activity. Landscapes are our natural surroundings, but they are also social and cultural. They represent an opportunity for innovation, development and cooperation, but also as a backdrop for serious conflicts of interest and resources.

This module of study focuses on natural and cultural landscapes as a resource for development and creative innovation, and looks into new challenges and potentials in the meeting between the rural production landscape, and the urban experience landscape.

Important topics are:

  • What are landscapes?
  • Landscape and community
  • Landscape and creating values
  • Landscape management
  • Conflict in landscapes, and “dialouge-based area development”
  • Study tour with focus on landscapes and value creation

The module is 30 credits, and can be made part of our bachelor programme in innovation and community development. “Landscape and development” is built on current research projects at HLB, connected to landscapes, innovation, soil conservation and land conflicts.

Prices Landskap og utvikling 2016 2017
Studieplan LSUT

Admission portal. Admissions open until course start in September.

The course is organized through six three-day assemblies (one in each month from September to May), and is livestreamed. We value flexibility, and strive to make it as easy as possible to combine studying at HLB with a full time job.