About – HLB


The Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development (abbreviated as HLB in Norwegian) is a privately owned academic institution with focus on agriculture, landscape management/development as well as rural and community development. Regenerative agricultural and community practices, including intensive small-scale initiatives, is a main thematic priority at the institution.

HLB offers academic courses and conducts research and commissions nationally and internationally. The researchers at HLB are anthropologists, philosophers, cultural geographers, economists, agronomists, planners and ecologists.

HLB is located in Bryne, the main town in the agricultural region of Jæren in Western Norway.  The institution also has a small department in Steigen, Nordland (Northern Norway).

HLB’s primary goal is to be a leading producer and disseminator of tailormade knowledge for vital and vibrant rural communities.

Knowledge for development is the institution’s main vision. In our research projects we utilise participatory methodologies and work in close cooperation with local developers. The focus of our academic courses is innovation based on local social, cultural and natural resources, and our students become active innovators and change agents in their own communities

HLB’s rector is professor Dag Jørund Lønning. Lønning has won a range of national prices and titles for his ground-breaking works on rural and agricultural innovation.